Rust on rust on rust on generations of oxidation flaky building layered scabs of old blood naturalizing decomposition as the modern cycles back and everything rots green purple and soft molding into each other copulating into something new this new species breathing in and out of existence every one fleeting blinking life stories open and shut next leaving us hanging fingertips on a windowsill and the drop is never as quick as you’d think then skin cells melting into rain rivulets running towards rivers whittling down canyons scarring ages of weak earth as layers of sediment on top of sediment on top of tectonic grandoise I stand wanting to be a mover and a shaker as the hands that ripped apart Pangea swallowed and spit the sea across the land I want to crash plates together and make mountains but now find my floor littered with broken glass and ceramic feet bleeding from walking around godly in the filth that I have created.

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