a scatter of papers in the air
they are blank
like his eyes
human ablution
it comes up out of my mouth
slowly, through the constricted folds of my esophagus
there is blood on my fingertips
there are fingerprints on the desk
my lips are sore
it pushes up over my tongue
sliding thick and sticky against my uvula
an acrid layer on my palate oily and metallic
it is risen
bodily revolution
claws scratch at the fleshy insides of my cheeks
try to part them like curtains
beasts beg release
kicking at the back of my front teeth
 bottle on the floor
white lines on the chair
we have fallen
the pillows have broken open
soul pollution
from the narrow crevice between my top and bottom teeth
my jaws stretch open on serpent-like hinges
rolling around on cold tile
surrounded by moaning
claws dig dimples into soft cheeks
from the damp and clammy depths
this bestial disease
burgeoning forth in its glorious exit
finding my palm in a puddle
a blur of flesh colors beside me
cheek cold
but there is nobody there
corrupt absolution

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