destruction (also see: deconstruction)

Decay as the slowest process of destruction (also see: deconstruction) as in the transformation of that which is fabricated into that which is organic. Natural reclamation. Inherent within the space between a proton and an electron. In which there is no discrimination between the animate and the insentient, both being extant. Rebar like rusted snakes twisting out of crumbled cement seeking escape from disintegration and crustaceans clinging in mounds to splintered support beams. The lapping of a giant tongue licking away boardwalk foundation like a moldy tootsie pop to the hollow center where the metal lies like exposed bone, oxidized open air infection red and flaking. Lip touch draw dry crusted scab flakes inhaled into infected lung space, sulphorous and stinging. The pearlescent shine of the secretive inside of a mussel shell. And still it receives footsteps, the most tender kiss at dayfall, all orange and lips. This recycle, reuse, to share particles, space, to disperse, to be a part of it all, to participate, to exist, to fall, to build and to watch as it crumbles like the structure of any long existent philosophy. 

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