An Ode to the Beautiful People

Realizing doppelgangers in response to life cycles, like, is this the second chance or do we always draw in the like? Is it the comfort of recognition? Callbacks to wide smiles, deep dimples and irregularly placed piercings. Carlo Rossi on an autumn night and Sex in the City reruns translating into impromptu dance parties and mad libs in public settings. Falling in love again. Friendship as a warm blanket. Did you know you lived in another body not too long ago and sipped coffee with boys who made films about hipster orgies? I like how you embody the fruit and play music from your phone while you walk. You used to love Bob Dylan and singing songs to your cat. You lived in the dining room and plastered the french doors with newspaper clippings you found in your grandparents’ attic. You sit with sax players on the street and dance when it snows. This is an ode. An ode to the beautiful people I know and have known; those I wish to know again.

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