A La Mondain Celebration


Well folks. I’ve sent in my visa paperwork. I’ve raised above my tuition needs, if not my full goal for take off. I’ve packed the majority of my possessions away to not be seen for at least the next year. I’m living out of a suitcase and getting used to the fact that my bedroom will soon belong to a really cool chick who writes poetry and works at a coffee shop – and it’s not me, my roommate just has great taste in roommates. My ticket out of Boulder is booked for December 11th to Minnesota to say my goodbyes to my family before my leave. I’m waiting until tomorrow, Black Friday, to purchase my ticket to the meet up city, Miami, with the hope that some sort of discounts are being offered. (It’s really expensive to fly into Miami.) My flight to Bogota leaves January 2nd from Miami. Whoa. There’s a lot happening in the next few weeks. The most important at the moment, however, is my last Boulder hurrah. As some of you may know, a La Mondain Caravan de Colombia is happening at Apex Movement on December 7th. What is a La Mondain Caravan de Colombia? Why, a PARTY of course! At 9pm, a magical festival arises. There are DJs, burlesque dancers, an award winning break dancer and a special presentation by Ms. La Mondain, herself. This event is not only my goodbye to a town that has offered me more love than I could ever hope to expect, but also my last shot at raising funds for this amazing year-long volunteer opportunity. For $15, you can expect the night of your life. The event is being presented by Starwater Elixers who will be running the bar stocked with fancy elixers, mate, coffee, and other surprises. If I’m leaving Boulder, I’m leaving in style and I want everybody to be there. So come join us in this momentous occasion to experience the wonderful benefits of being part of such an amazing community. I’m going to miss this town so much. I hope we get to say our goodbyes. And thank you again to everybody (and there were a lot) who made this event possible, as well as those who have been a part of this fundraising foundation since the beginning. You are amazing.

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