A La Mondain Exodus


I’m sitting in an airport bawling over my computer while listening to the heavy tribal beats of Florence + the Machine. Goodness, the people around probably think I’m crazy. It’s okay to be a little sad when you’re off to accomplish big things, because it means you have something that you care about that you’re leaving behind. I have so much. I am so lucky. I could never aspire to build the person that I want to be without the ridiculously amazing people that chose to spend their time with me, inspire me, love me. Good god, I’m bursting with so much love. I can hardly stand it. How do you say a goodbye like this? When you don’t know if it’s a goodbye for now or a goodbye forever? But then, if it’s meant to be these paths will cross again. We’ll make them. So here I am sitting in an airport with wet cheeks and red eyes because I am so fortunate. I am about to embark in an amazing and enriching adventure, but in order to do it I must leave everything I love behind for now. Okay. This last week in Boulder has been so charmed. The hugs that I got from customers that I’ve hardly had a meaningful conversation with. Who knew they cared so much? The quality time with my friends. The La Mondain party of the year at Apex, where we played and danced and connected. I thank the Starwater crew so much for their support in that party, they made it an unforgettable experience. The friends that came over to my house to spend my last night with me and laugh into the wee hours one last time. The group that ventured up to the star together and sat beneath the dark night sky surrounded by lights. Our breath fogging the winter air in reverence. That last hug. I will never forget you. Any of you. Thank you for seeing me away with so much to take with me. Thank you for weighing heavy on my heart. I can’t wait to share the epic experiences I’m about to live through.

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