Different Tomorrow

With delusions of grandeur we pushed drunkenly into the loud night. There were three – two wildcards and an innocent. I came for him and she came with wonder written in wide brown eyes. The vehicle pulsated with song as we searched for the source of music and life on dirty streets littered with broken glass that fell from looming street lamps. The houses we stumbled upon/into were reflections of a previous existence; poorly lit, sinks that overflowed with rotten dishes, rattail dreadlocks, coffee tables crowded with fallen soldiers and ash. I cared more for the memory than the experience. Bands played noise mixed people pushed drumsets stuffed with comforters computers mic stands that squeal and boys with too much denim. My objective lead me robotic while my intoxication lent humanity. I made conversation made nice met lips while watching the ever present in him, acknowledging the erratic obsessive qualities I can’t hide. I salivate chemicals and try to warm my nose. I dance for distraction/attention. She lingers so I hold still for her. She dances so I wander. He is holding hair back smoking cigarettes and inhaling the putrid stench of sick. A girl bent over he puts her away and smiles at me. The three urge on for an extension of night. On beyond the weak, never to tire, quick to laugh, itching to live to move, numb to what feeling. The wheel of the car turned itself or did it follow towards houses decorated with cobwebs and barren scarred rooms where I smoke another cigarette with him, eyes meet through smoke and a book falls. We move. On. In the basement she is surrounded by men we just met. We sip from red cups tainted, like stale piss and dirt. We bore of the stunted imagination of strangers; draft our own script and somehow, with roaming vision and loose limbs, find ourselves home. With wandering lips we spoke to an edge with beats that lay heavy on the souls we didn’t have and notes that crescendoed infinite/eternal. Arms wide and faces dull with dawnlight. We made a joke of endings. Eyes that wouldn’t close and a repetitive tense. We succumbed to the haunting beams of sunlight that accosted bare limbs to remember

different lives tomorrow, when we were different tomorrow, because we had to be different tomorrow.

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