Mason James

Mason James is an artist to keep an eye on. Having come a long way from the quiet guy that I first met in November of 2013, his voice now rages truth on the ears of Boulder’s accomplished poetic community. I was instantly intrigued by Mason the first time I set eyes on him at the coffeeshop, requesting his friendship on Facebook before ever exchanging a word with him. There was something gentle about the way he carried himself. Everything snowballed after that. We quickly realized that both of our souls vibed with the clamorous poetic side of life in very similar ways; I discovered that there was nothing gentle about Mason’s reticence.

Mason owns a voice that begs escape and shakes perceptions with the right outlet. He is the quintessential proof that unabashed honesty can lend itself to the most powerful poetry. When he reads aloud, his audience is struck with an unquestioned realization that this is what art is – to bleed for the sake of bleeding, for the sake of relation, as a call to arms. When he writes, you can’t help but fall in love. His content shows that the true elegance of poetry lies in its ability to transcend stigma and lay bare the discomposure that is human nature. He challenges his audience to genuinely experience the human condition and reminds us that, though life brings many painful things, there is a beauty to despair; just as beautiful as that of love.

You can currently find Mason James’ work live, periodically, at New Basic Wednesdays in Boulder, Colorado at 303 Vodka, hosted by Toast. Online, you can follow his random thoughts and fancies on Tumblr at And look out for his rising musical project, AM Deprivation, with Alex Reed. Listen to their recent collaboration with electronic artist, Evoke, titled My Incentive, a haunting mixture of metal and EDM, here ->



A Winter Poem by Mason James

A fictional story about us and how we never happened.
I’m not sure where I lost my importance
the night I swallowed you whole
for days
I was by your side
breathing you in
loving every breath
remember that?
I saw the stars dancing down the street with us
the street lamps joined in
I think they felt left out
there was nothing more perfect
than the smell of booze and cigarettes on your breathe
I swallowed you again that night
and I breathed you in
for days
I don’t know where i lost my importance
you found yours so easily with him
you had me around your finger
and i liked it there
i loved it there
“sorry” he didn’t work out
i wonder if you think of me nicely
or at all
I would give a lot
to do that all over again
I could write books about you
you’re so very lovely

Love, like the war is finally over.
There’s an extra spot here. I was saving it, but I I’d like you to stay. I kept that spot as honest as my bedroom closet. Much like the thoughts that seem to pile and clutter when I hear your name. And I don’t quite understand why you litter my brain with thoughts of you, but I’d like you to stay.
It’s my favorite place to be, the place you’re resting so comfortably. You’re my biggest secret. That smile melts me so god damned quickly I lose my sense of presence and think of you being happy, or just being. I like you exactly the way you are.
I once choked on a poem I had written about you because I only meant it for you, but I wanted to share a piece of me you already had. I stuttered and stood there thinking of that smile for two minutes in silence. I said I had forgotten the poem. I decided I wanted that to myself. As badly as I wanted you to myself.
It’s love,
that spot you’re sitting in and you can stay for as long as you’d like. And I will soak up your words like a sponge and embrace your flesh with mine until embracing is only for the dead. I will swallow you whole and hope you’d make a home in my being as I have made one in yours.
You’re my biggest secret.
And I love your smile.
You are welcome here.

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