Jame-o Remix

It doesn’t take much to impress me. A trace of confidence. I want to love, is the secret, and I want to love intensely – no, profoundly. I want everything of you for the moment. A slice of moon on a platter. I want to feel your insides moving in the rhythms that the ether gave us to move. I want to feel what it’s like to be alive at the rise of the blood moon. I want to feel what it’s like to lose every sense of self in a moment that exists beyond words. The fuck if I can lay this down here. I can’t even lay myself down to bed without the thought of what lies outside my door. The potential of the world writhing in my body. The potential of an eternal dance in my limbs. They call me crazy. I call me awake. I call on me to embody the dirty nature that is human and I call on you to answer. I want to exist with you in the now. I want to exist now. My imprint will leave treadmarks on history. Whether or not you are a part of this does not matter. It’ll happen anyway. This undeniable force of forward, of being, of contracted muscles. I’ll have never lived enough for me. It’s never enough for me. I devour experience and pass it like so much waste. Where does this waste lie? Will I lie to gain this waste? Reality is garbage and I refuse to recycle. Let it sit in a landfill where I can bathe in it’s retched existence again and again. I want to be dirty. I crave to be. To be. To be. To be in it all, to have done it all, to have seen that surprise never ends and shock never dies.


– Jaime Dyna La Mondain

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