Melissa Mackey

Melissa Mackey is a Minneapolis based artist who recently graduated with a BFA with an emphasis in photography from the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Having spent four years perfecting her craft, she adds that she absolutely loaths taking pictures and/or looking at other people’s pictures. A self described multi-media artist, you can find the breadth of her work displayed at her website MackeyMackeyMackey. Her portfolio is an impressive collection of  playful conceptual artistry driven by bold uses of color and an intention to capture that which cannot be commonly captured by the visual medium. A master of creation, I have watched Mackey evolve as an artist since her release from the Navy about a half decade ago when she truly made the decision to follow her artistic aspirations. A woman inspired by her environment, she has gone from painting, by hallucinations of rainbow and imagination, to photojournalism, traveling by tour bus and documenting the lives of musicians, to surreal multimedia experiments and now into filmmaking. A true talent of our era, fed by the creative springs of the midwest art mecca – Minneapolis.

Mackey’s most current project is in its beginning production phases with fellow filmmakers, J. Maki and Kyndred Cuartas; a film titled “Square”.  She also has a few other short films completed that will be released within the year and is making it as an artist doing freelance design work for Positive Impact Magazine in Tampa Bay, Florida.

The following compilation of images is Mackey’s newest release and all images are for sale in digital copies. There is also a bid for the originals, you can find more information at her website.  These four are completed by a 5th piece that lines up to the others hung vertically, and is 6 feet tall.





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