La Mondain Facebook Page Launched, Numbers Humble


69 likes on the new Facebook page in just one day and 52 followers on my blog just grew to 109. ONE HUNDRED AND NINE. I’m just overwhelmed. Inspired. I’m feeling the love guys. I am feeling it. After this post I’m going to run off and write so much nonsensical literature. To all of you newcomers – Welcome! Don’t forget that once you’re following, this is your space, too! Comment, share, and most importantly SUBMIT pieces of art and philosophy and expression that the world needs to experience! This is whatever you deem as expression in your life – music, painting, digital art, writing, poetry, video, photography, multi-media projects, audio of you screaming into the void, pictures of your favorite books, how to manuals on conceptual subjects, dance videos, graffiti, really ridiculous selfies, whatever makes you want to live, makes you feel creative, makes you enjoy life. I want to see it. I want to share it. Send it to me at I am overwhelmed at the new growth in this community, now I want your input. Bloggers, don’t forget to like La Mondain on Facebook, and Facebookers, don’t forget to follow the blog! There’s a button to your right that’ll tell you how super Mondain you are after you click it. GOD YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. Thank you so much.

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