Evoke is a quickly rising star in the electronic music world, carving out his own path through experimentation and extremely attentive production detail. If you haven’t heard of him yet, it’s about time. This is the kind of music you can dance to, fall into melancholy with, watch with a sunrise, play on repeat while driving crosscountry, lounge on car hoods or make out to. Evoke’s musical portfolio spans the gamut of emotions and motivations, with an impressive list of collaborations and inspirations. You could be dancing to his music in a venue near you in no time. Follow Evoke on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and I highly suggest checking out his newest EP on Soundcloud.


Evoke’s first music video, filmed in Las Vegas and recently released on May 26th.

Evoke – Yerba (straight of his freshest EP – Neuropop)

Evoke – The Day The Rain Came ft. Mason James  (EDM.com exclusive)



Interview Conducted Through Facebook Chat:

La Mondain Barista: You describe many of the songs on your recently released EP as Neuropop. If you had to describe Neuropop in a way that one might describe a person, what words would you use? What sort of person would your music be?

Evoke:  I’m already loving the questions, haha. I suppose if Neuropop were a person, it would be a really beautiful girl, who — at first glance – you might assume was really vapid or shallow, but then you start talking to her and it turns out she has all sorts of cool interests, or she’s the best auto mechanic in the continental United States.  I like to imagine that it’s somebody who’s beautiful AND intelligent.

LMB: Haha, cool. What about as a book genre? If you had to describe your upcoming album as a book genre, what genre would it be?

Evoke: Oooh, that’s a tricky one. This is gonna sound bad, but I don’t read a lot. I imagine it would be something of a philosophical look at quantum physics and how it pertains to the relationships of the average person. Sort of like the practical application of complex sciences – in that it’s very in depth, but also very relatable. That’s the goal at least. 🙂

LMB: I can dig it. Here’s a trickier question – if you were playing a show and there was suddenly no power, but you could choose ten things to have on stage that make noise, what ten things would you ask for?

Evoke: This may seem kinda cheap, but I would ask for 4 beatboxers, 4 megaphones, an acoustic guitar, and a kick drum. I would play the kick drum with my foot, the acoustic guitar with my arms, sing, and the beatboxers would all be the accompanying percussion.

LMB: Hahaha. Fine, I’ll allow it. I didn’t know you could play guitar!

Evoke: I can! And do! People are always really surprised by that IRL for some reason.

LMB: Something about the meeting of the acoustic and electronic world, I think.

Evoke: Fair enough.

LMB: Do you ever play to mix into your tracks?

Evoke: There’s tons on my upcoming album. Almost 100% of the synths are effected guitar.

LMB: You. You are a talented human. Neat. Haha. Let’s talk about your main influences. If you could only choose one to meet, dead or alive, who would it be and where would you take them in your hometown for food?

Evoke: Well, there’s the electronic influences: Koan Sounds, Opiuo, Sorrow, Snakehips, and Joe Ford, mainly. But lately I’ve been taking more inspiration from other genres. I’m influenced a lot by Muse, The Strokes, Said the Whale, Tokyo Police Club, Radiohead, Portishead, and Periphery. Ultimately the person who I would want to meet is the person who shaped my music the most throughout my life, and that would have to be Matthew Bellamy (the lead singer of Muse). I would take him to The Huckleberry in Louisville because 100% of the things on the menu are delicious.

LBM: Huh. Never been there. I’ll have to check it out. After listening to a lot of your work through soundcloud, I’ve found that you don’t hold a very repetitive sound. You play with your music and evoke (if I may) many different moods. Your not stuck in all happy, all sad mode like many artists. I’m interested in knowing what moods typically drive you to create?

Evoke: I have so many break up songs, it’s absurd. Most of my best work comes from being resentful of a girl for some reason or another, and that usually drives me to either make an angry/sad song to let the emotions flow out, or to make something more upbeat to lift myself out of the hole. I would list all of the songs that are about the ends of relationships but it would take way too long, and would be frankly a little embarrassing. Just know that it’s a lot.

LMB: Trust me, I understand that inspiration. Fuel for creation. You work with a lot of cool, talented people on collaborative projects. Who is favorite artist to work with and why?

Evoke: Haha, well honestly I mostly enjoy working with musicians who don’t know a damn thing about music production, because they’re often the people who are most open to the creative process. I’m very much a “bigger picture” kind of producer at this point in my life, so I get really frustrated when I’m working with a producer and they keep making micro adjustments or stopping the whole process in its tracks to fix technicalities. I’d rather work with somebody who’s willing to bounce ideas around until the track is done. With that said, my favorite person I’ve worked with is likely Laura Brehm. She’s an excellent singer, and excellent songwriter, and is just a really genuinely enjoyable person to be around, and she knows a staggering amount about vocal work. It’s been really beneficial working with her because I’ve learned a lot in the process.

LMB: Cool. And if you could play any venue in the world, where would your top choice be?

Evoke: I would want to play (and sell out) Madison Square Garden, mostly just to say that I did, but I think I would enjoy playing The Fox here in Boulder, Colorado, more. It’s a small venue, so you can really get a feel for the crowd, and the sound system is pretty excellent. I always liked the small-show vibe more than the festival scene.

LMB: Let’s talk long term. Do you see yourself still making music when you’re 60? How do you think your music might change?

Evoke: I’d love to believe that I would be. The nice thing about electronic music is that it’s possible independent of my health, but I also think that in the next 40 years there will likely be some sort of massive game-changing innovation that neither of us could predict, and it might make me famous or it might put me out of a job. We’ll see I guess!

LMB: Yes. Fair enough. Art in any form is an ever-changing world. Finally, tell me what’s going on in your music career right now! You just released an EP and there’s an album on the way, right? Tell us about them!

Evoke: Yeah, I just released an EP with Simplify Recordings aptly named “Neuropop” which you can pick up on i-Tunes or stream on Spotify, Google Play, Soundcloud, etc. My album with SectionZ should be out in less than a month, and I’m expecting that one to be equally as excellently distributed. Just look me up on your favorite music platform and I can almost guarantee I’ll be there. 🙂 I’ve also got some awesome tracks in the works with Laura Brehm, Tasha Baxter, None Like Joshua, Spectric, R.O., and tons of other amazing talented musicians. The rest of this year should be awesome for me.

LMB: It will be. Fantastic. Well, thank you so much for joining forces with La Mondain Barista. I’m so glad you decided to give some time to us. I’m so impressed with what you do. I can’t wait to work more with you in the future.

Evoke: Thanks so much for having me. It’s been great. Some of the most interesting questions I’ve been asked. You are lovely and everybody says nice things about you.

LBM: Hahahahaha. You’re great. I’ll talk to you soon.

Evoke: Bye!

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