Night of the Living Bread: The Dough Rises


Are you a fan of independent films? Then help make this humorous thriller with a message a reality. You could be a partner in this amazingly creative project with the change from your pocket (transferred online).  The creators are a group of quirky artists based out of Olympia, WA, where they’ve been dreaming up this project for a long time. Set in a real life bakery in Olympia, the Blue Heron Bakery, this film seeks to horrify you akin to the simple fear inherent in any Hitchcock film, and at the same time form collective thought around the validity of GMO production in today’s society. Ms. La Mondain has contributed what she can to the project, now she asks you to do the same. Support small artists, support community, support dreams. Enjoy the spoils of being part of a highly creative project based on your level of commitment – a private link to the finished film, a compilation CD of music produced by the employees of Blue Heron Bakery, a DVD with illustrated cover of the finished film, a full size movie poster, producer status in the credits and a pound of GMO-free granola prepared by the filmmakers at Blue Heron Bakery. This is what community is about, guys; coming together to support each other. Click here to be a part of it.



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