Sometimes my own skin feels so uncomfortable – unbearable. I am covered in it. I can’t stand to sit in it. I can’t stand to wade through life in this ill-fitting vessel.

IMG_1810 (2)

It has not equipped me with the proper accouterments to enjoy the spectrum of life. I am limited.

IMG_1815 (2)

I cannot fly above the water, nor live beneath it. Even though everything in my self tells me               I AM IT.

IMG_1822 (2)

Fluid motions roll through my mind, over my heart in deep currents that move me from one act to another, on the crest and ebb of feeling.

IMG_1837 (3)

We should be the same. I am separated, you see.

IMG_1838 (2)

Because all I want to do is become – a part of. I want these boundaries fluid; to melt into.

IMG_1843 (2)

I don’t just want to touch the world; a flat meeting of charges that push away from each other – no. I want to meld.

IMG_1845 (2)

Skin is a restriction – a harm when it finally gives, and then only the outside can reach in and you cannot reach out. I stretch and expect to stretch forever.                                                                                                               My skin shakes in restraint.

IMG_1854 (3)

There is a constant upset, a nausea, a tensing – I drift. My mind is so far away from this.

IMG_1855 (2)

I cannot stand these limitations.

IMG_1866 (2)

Aches to grow outward – seeking. It is dissipating and disappointed in the body’s inability to follow suit.

IMG_1870 (2)

What use.

IMG_1878 (2)

– Jaime Dyna La Mondain

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