The North: Winter Might Be Coming But It Isn’t Here Yet

IMG_3024 (2)

Sylvan cocktail building.

IMG_3015 (2)

Meet the sled dogs.

IMG_3008 (2)

Dusk on the North Shore. Grand Marais, MN.

IMG_2999 (2)

My feet are numb.

IMG_2988 (2)

The cliff’s edge. Grand Marais, MN.

IMG_2971 (3)

Oo! Birds! Lake Superior.

IMG_2969 (2)

The misty bay. Grand Marais, MN.

IMG_2967 (2)

Sentinel. Grand Marais, MN.

IMG_2961 (2)

The harbor. Grand Marais, MN.

IMG_2957 (2)

The Gunflint Trail. Onion River hike.

IMG_2955 (2)

Oh hello there.

IMG_2952 (2)

River hikes. A different world.

IMG_2942 (2)

Waterfall bathing. River hiking on the North Shore.

IMG_2923 (2)

Waterfall hiking. North Shore.

IMG_2917 (2)

Wilderness explorers. North Shore river hiking.

IMG_2911 (2)

How I missed moss. River hiking on the North Shore.

IMG_2908 (2)

Iron water. North Shore.

IMG_2906 (2)

Contemplation. North Shore.

IMG_2899 (2)

Waterfall hiking. Wilderness explorers.

IMG_2879 (2)

A different world. Onion River.

IMG_2877 (2)

A galaxy all its own. Onion River.

IMG_2870 (2)

A galaxy all its own. Onion River.

IMG_3126 (2)

Whitetail ribcage. Northwoods.

IMG_3124 (2)

Whitetail corpse. Northwoods.

IMG_3122 (2)

Remnants from hunting season. Northwoods.

IMG_3117 (2)

The abandoned. Northwoods.

IMG_3116 (2)

Fish keeper. Remote Lake.

IMG_3113 (2)

The surface. Remote Lake.

IMG_3106 (2)

The boat. Remote Lake.

IMG_3099 (2)

Modes of transportation. Remote Lake.

IMG_3097 (2)

The captured. Remote Lake.

IMG_3086 (2)

The fish. Remote Lake.

IMG_3053 (2)

The loon. Remote Lake.

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