A La Mondain Introduction

Hello and welcome to the La Mondain literary and visual playground.

My name is Jaime Dyna La Mondain.

I currently assume the position of a volunteer English professor in the country of Colombia. Having come from a background that had much to do with studying writing and literature, a little to do with discovering the meaning of love, and a lot to do with making coffee, I am not exactly qualified for the position, but I’m working on it. My last home was the mountain town of Boulder, Colorado, where I discovered my passion for poetry. The move to Bogotá, Colombia was a culture shock, to say the least. But the intentional isolation of living in a land where I don’t speak the native tongue, in a city so large that it naturally lends itself to a cold disassociation from intimacy, has led me on a path to truly discover what it means to own voice. This is a space for that.

To begin with, there are entries describing what a day in the life of Ms La Mondain entails. Just click La Mondain Life above to read about some amusing banality.

To move into the less corporeal side of life, you can find entries composed of Ms La Mondain’s thoughts – poetry, fiction, creative journalism, and calls to metaphorical arms. Just click La Mondain Mind above to submerge your mind into the pandemonium that is Ms La Mondain’s consciousness.

Under La Mondain Sight you will find the slowly developing photography of Ms. La Mondain. (She’s still learning how to use her fancy camera.) See what she sees there.

Under our last category – La Mondain Showcases – you will find some very special new developments taking place over the coming months. La Mondain Barista is opening up to public works of art that must be shared with the world. If you have a piece you would like to share with the Mondain community, please feel free to contact me at MsLaMondain@lamondainbarista.com and give me a sample of your work. You retain  complete rights to any work published by La Mondain Barista.

Now that you understand the navigation of the site, enjoy! Please comment wherever possible and recommend decent reads to your friends.

Yours truly,

Jaime Dyna La Mondain

One thought on “A La Mondain Introduction

  1. Thank you for following my posts. I hope you enjoy my poetry section. If you want to post any of my poems, then that is all right as long as you acknowledge them as being by Marion Bond and perhaps let me know where I can see them. Maybe you won’t want o, but thought it worth mentioning…
    Your photos certainly transmit the authentic experiences you encounter.

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